Who To Contact

Whom should I contact?

As hard as we try, schools can be confusing places to parents/guardians and community members. In our ongoing effort to be more customer service orientated, the following chart has been created. Please see the following page for specific people to contact. If you have any questions regarding the chart, please contact the Bullen Main Office at 359-4460. Thank you.

Question/Concern 1st Contact 2nd Contact 3rd Contact
Academic progress Infinite Campus Portal Teacher Counselor
Class schedule/ class selection Counselor Assistant Principal Principal
Discipline issue in class Teacher Dean of Students Assistant Principal
Student received a referral Teacher Dean of Students Principal
Special Education question Special Education teacher Assistant Principal Principal
Behavioral/ Emotional issues Counselor School Psychologist/ Social Worker Principal
Attendance Main Office
Attendance secretary
Assistant Principal
Grades/ Assessment Teacher Counselor Assistant Principal/ Principal
Alcohol/ Drug Abuse Counselor School Psychologist/ Social Worker Assistant Principal/ Principal
Busing (routes and behavior issues) First Student Dean of Students
Assistant Principal
Issue with classroom teacher Teacher Assistant Principal Principal
Calendar for school activities Main Office    
Financial Assistance Social Worker Principal/ Assistant Principal  
Food Service Food Service Manager
Main Office  
Field Trips Teacher Principal  
Registration Main Office
(Ms. Randle)
Fees Main Office
(Ms. Nottingham)
Lockers/ Locks Main Office
(Ms. Green)
School Involvement with outside agencies Counselor Social Worker Assistant Principal/ Principal
Health Concerns School Nurse Counselor Assistant Principal/ Principal
School Policies/ Procedures Principal    
Summer School Assistant Principal    

Contact Names and Phone Directory: